Himaraya Tsushin Ltd.

About Communication

Telecommunication business is to provide stable communication that connects people and people as part of social infrastructure. Now that smartphones have become popularized which used to be a fixed phone, as the amount of communication information increases, Higher speed and larger capacity communication networks are needed, and communication infrastructure has become an indispensable part of our lives. We have been involved for more than 30 years as a member to build that social infrastructure. We are confident that communication in Japan will continue constantly.

The Future of next 5 Generation Communication

Supplying infrastructure for further data communication

NTT Docomo has been able to transfer larger volumes of data with technology by PDC, IMT, 3G, LTE, LTE-Advance and improved wireless technology. In Japan, automatic driving is about to be introduced for the Tokyo Olympic Games. In 2020, further data communication is required and traffic volume is predicted to be more than 1000 times as large as in 2010. Stable supply of communication infrastructure is indispensable, and training of technicians towards it is also an urgent task.